Kaycee Mcg = KC McG = Kasey McG

I like to be super private. I don’t like the feeling people just want to be “nosy” and snoop around with what’s going on in my life.  I have also gotten myself “in trouble” with being “open” before in a past blog. So, since then, every social media account I’ve made has been private. But I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and open up/expose/share different facets of my life with the public eye. Besides, what’s the point of a social networking site if you’re just going to be anti-social & hide it?

I’m an 80’s baby, I don’t feel the need to share my age since it’s going to change next year 😉 I am a mommy to the most beautiful baby I have ever set my eyes on. I hope that’s not somewhat conceded to say – since he’s mine – but he is a beautiful baby. Being his mother is the best thing I could ever experience. He is my world.

My brain is pretty scattered – creating an ever growing list of things I want to do [sew, photograph, blog, design, create, make, ball, throw it in the bag].
As of right now, I’m trying to contain myself and limit my thoughts only on school right now. But after September 15th, I consider myself free 🙂

Oh yeah, I love to do my nails too – whenever I get time that is…


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