I’m Homeless!

Just kidding, I’m not really homeless, but I am out of my own home right now … and I will have been out of it for a week tomorrow. At first it was kinda crappy – I am SO lucky my boyfriend’s parents always welcome Kaison & I. Kaison does a great job at making himself at home too! It’ll be an interesting change when it’s time to go back to our apartment, I know Kaison has enjoyed staying home from school with his Gigi since last Thursday! It is going to be a nightmare tomorrow because he has to go back. I do not look forward to waking him up, especially since #1) he will not be happy to go back & #2) I will have to wake him up a lot earlier!

Friday & Monday I left work at 7AM from my boyfriend’s parents’ & hit so much traffic! Needless to say, I hit the same horrific traffic on my way home from work both days too. After Monday’s traffic to and from work – I decided I am going to suck it up and leave an hour earlier so I can get off an hour earlier in hopes to miss traffic both ways! Which I did on the way TO work – actually got to work over 20 minutes earlier than I planned to be at work! I guess I will see if leaving at 4 is a good time to depart work & avoid traffic today too. Honestly, I have gone back and forth with considering a place in Fayette County, their school system is one of the best – and while the school system Kaison will be entering (given I stay in the area) is also pretty good – Fayette County’s is better. It’s a nice little city too – but not 100% sure just YET. I love the super closer commute I have now – but my area isn’t the idea setting for Kaison. I want to live in a more suburban area – which I do not think I’ll find in my area, unless I move further out … which turns inconvenient for my boyfriend.

Anyway – enough rambling! Back to work!


SAD: Money Issues & Paycheck Deductions.

I’ve just made myself sad while talking to my co-worker regarding the newest deductions being taken from my paycheck for the new year. I was well aware insurance was going to take out more, but I was blind-sided when an extra $172 was being taken out from taxes (federal, state, medicare & social security). Overall – I am losing an extra $277 PER CHECK coming in to this new year. So … whatever I was making last year, subtract 277 and that is my new net income. One check alone would not cover rent. Which is sad. It is my fault since I added my boyfriend on to my insurance as a “domestic partner” (since we aren’t married) – yet, I wish there was a warning that by adding him I would in turn be taxed on his portion of the premium. My boyfriend is paying the difference for insurance costs, but not the difference in taxes because well, we both had no idea. Well – he still doesn’t know by adding him has caused my taxes to raise.

At first I didn’t say much, because what’s the point? It is what it is – what else can I do. Well, I could work and hope for a raise in my salary at work – which is what I’ve done. I tried my best to write a phenomenal annual review, in hopes that it’ll get me a significant raise – since that’ll be my shot at getting one. But I know I can’t keep my hopes high on counting on that because it could very well NOT happen. And I won’t find out anything until my review with my boss – which won’t happen until March (or maybe later).

I do have my fingers crossed regarding my boyfriend’s latest success! He scored an interview with a full time position at Delta … It’s a big deal! He won’t hear anything until next week, possibly the week after that, but I really hope this pulls through for him. He deserves it!

Hmm … what else? Can’t wait for tax refund time, that’ll help bring some relief to my financial issues. Just hope I can get a raise – that would help bring a more permeant relief! I hate worrying about money. My lease for my apartment is up in February. I’ve told myself I plan to stay put until I get married & my next move is into a house. But after last night’s event of the sprinkler head’s pipe bursting and flooding my son’s closet – I am reconsidering staying. Although, a pipe bursting could honestly happen anywhere – so who knows, might save myself the hassle of packing an entire apartment up (AGAIN) & stick to staying put. I just know rent will possibly rise to over $800 – which is what I was trying to stay UNDER. Oh well, woe is me. Moving somewhere new would mean I would have to find somewhere nicer than where I reside now, and I have to admit, my apartment is pretty nice. It’s not perfect by any means – but my complaints are the typical apartment life complaints, nothing major. A nicer place means a higher rent – and on my own I cannot pay more than what I pay now. Kinda wish my boyfriend would go in with me on a place – but as he always says: “I don’t believe in living together before marriage.” Which is a great belief to have, but I want more! I shall have to wait for marriage 😉


I Do It All…

Before I start, I usually don’t like to talk about my “single mother issues” but,  I feel like I need to vent – I am currently having a “FML” moment 😦

I guess I spoke too soon when I said my life is pretty “stree-free” – which, in all aspects it is, except when it comes to money.

I do it all for my son. I went to college. I graduated. I got a job. I have benefits. My son has health insurance. He’s in a good daycare. He has a roof over his head in our own home together. He eats well everyday. He has all the toys, movies, clothes, shoes… anything he could ever want or need (without going beyond the point of being spoiled). I take him to the doctor when he’s sick, I buy the medicines he needs to get better. And above all, I pay for everything – everything. And I do whatever I can to make sure I am able to pay for everything he needs.

I do get help from his father’s side of the family: $150 a month.
Daycare is $155 per week.
And that is all I am going to say about that.

But in all honesty – venting, complaining or even talking about this situation means nothing, because it won’t change anything. It brings me to tears of frustration that I have all these things to handle physically & financially for my son & I have to find some way to afford it because I am the only one who is worried about being able to afford it. Because if I can’t pay whatever bill that needs to be paid on behalf of our son it lands on me. So, why should he care to help out with a bill or financial responsibility that won’t have any consequence to him anyway? Why should he get a job to help afford all the things his son needs?

I am trying my hardest to not “dog him out” – but I’ll say this, being a daddy doesn’t make you a father. I have to stay strong for my son even when I feel like breaking down.