I’m Homeless!

Just kidding, I’m not really homeless, but I am out of my own home right now … and I will have been out of it for a week tomorrow. At first it was kinda crappy – I am SO lucky my boyfriend’s parents always welcome Kaison & I. Kaison does a great job at making himself at home too! It’ll be an interesting change when it’s time to go back to our apartment, I know Kaison has enjoyed staying home from school with his Gigi since last Thursday! It is going to be a nightmare tomorrow because he has to go back. I do not look forward to waking him up, especially since #1) he will not be happy to go back & #2) I will have to wake him up a lot earlier!

Friday & Monday I left work at 7AM from my boyfriend’s parents’ & hit so much traffic! Needless to say, I hit the same horrific traffic on my way home from work both days too. After Monday’s traffic to and from work – I decided I am going to suck it up and leave an hour earlier so I can get off an hour earlier in hopes to miss traffic both ways! Which I did on the way TO work – actually got to work over 20 minutes earlier than I planned to be at work! I guess I will see if leaving at 4 is a good time to depart work & avoid traffic today too. Honestly, I have gone back and forth with considering a place in Fayette County, their school system is one of the best – and while the school system Kaison will be entering (given I stay in the area) is also pretty good – Fayette County’s is better. It’s a nice little city too – but not 100% sure just YET. I love the super closer commute I have now – but my area isn’t the idea setting for Kaison. I want to live in a more suburban area – which I do not think I’ll find in my area, unless I move further out … which turns inconvenient for my boyfriend.

Anyway – enough rambling! Back to work!


Call me crazy but….My Love for the New Hot Lanes

I love the new “HOT” express lanes on I85 (all you Gwinnett County residents who read this know what I am talking about)… but I feel like it’s a Blessing and a curse.

First of all, I’ll tell you why its a curse (a dreadful curse at that) because while it has this amazing ability to shed a good reasonable amount of time off my daily commute, we all know if it’s too good to be true, then it really is. We all understand toll on roads, and almost everyone has been through one and paid it. I used to drive through a toll daily when I lived off 400 -it was a $1 day, no biggie. I ended up getting the “Cruise Card” – which is now the “Peach Pass”. Anyway… to get to my point, I noticed that when I started to use 85 for my commute, I could still use the peach pass – at a price – at a “toll”. I later read in the paper that there are 6 different points – at each mile – where they will charge you each time you pass through. Each mile point could range from 30 cents (no biggie) to 90 cents during high traffic times!! It further went on to say that the daily commuter could spend up to $6 each way during rush hour. I was appalled!! That was a rip off!! To raise the price when traffic gets worse?! That’s ludicrous!!

But, low & behold, when the lanes finally opened up – you better believe I used them. It was a marvelous Blessing because it literally cuts off 20 minutes on average off my daily commute, to and from work. My commute used to be an hour, sometimes more on some days. But now – I am able to consistently get to and from work in about 40 minutes. I can leave at 4, and make it to get my son from daycare before 6pm! Then… I saw the damage. I’ll just list the daily expenses it cost me to drive this cursed Blessing of a HOT lane.

Monday –
to work: $3.75
from work: $1.90

Tuesday –
to work: $5.25
from work: $3.90

Wednesday –
to work: $4.40
from work: $3.10

Thursday –
to work: $4.15
from work: $1.05

And Friday, after two $20 automatic withdrawals from the Peach Pass I decided no more express lanes for me. So this morning, I actually didn’t even drive in the express lanes at all. I won’t lie, it was super tempting to merge over into the lane when traffic started to hit the brakes, but I never did! Now, granted I was running a bit late and I was on the road at the time I should have been at work – but traffic wasn’t so bad without using the toll lanes. I’m going to have to figure out something different though – I’ll either have to leave early or late – and above all, just deal with the traffic. Because in 4 days, you could pretty much say I’ve wasted $27.05. And since toll “replenishes” your account when you’re under $10 – they’ve succeeded at sucking $40 in all out of my account. I do still have a $28 balance in my account, but I think I’ll save that for “emergencies”. They just make using the HOT lanes so tempting – but they really do come at a high price. The daily amount doesn’t seem that bad, but in actuality, you spend about an extra $40-50 a week on getting somewhere faster.

Wish me the willpower to stay out of those lanes to keep from going broke!