Mommy Rant on “Fashionable Kids”

So, during my morning scroll through my Instagram feed I come across this super adorable picture of this toddler dressed too cute for words.

Fashion ChildAs you can see for yourself – this little girl is just the bees knees … and all the comments below the picture agree. A few of the comments even said stuff like “OMG! My future child [is going to dress like that]!” And that comment brought me back to a moment when I was in Target browsing the kids clothing. Two girls walked by and saw an adorable jacket for a child & made a comment just like that. Hearing that made me want to first off – laugh! And secondly, slap some sense into them! The girls spoke about how when they would have kids they would not dress them in shirts with characters and things of that nature on them … and here I am holding 2 or 3 shirts with exactly that!

Although, to not be so harsh on them, I will admit before I had my son I was dead set on dressing him in the cutest, most fashionable little outfits I could find. While I was pregnant with him, I purchased a few snazzy little Timberland outfit sets with jeans, long-sleeved shirt and a tiny vest to match! Yet, once my little piece of heaven was born – I was all for onesies! Even pants became a nuisance with all the diaper changes (& outfit changes!) you encounter with your little bundle of joy 😉 .

As he got older, and started to take a liking to things, such as characters (Dora) or dogs or airplanes, etc. Around the age of 3, my son became obsessed with fish, sharks; pretty much anything in the ocean. All he ever wanted to wear was one specific shirt: his shark shirt! Almost every morning he would tell me “I want to wear my shark shirt!” That was when I had to have him understand clothes get dirty and need to be washed. But my son would wear that shirt once a week.

Carter’s Orange Shark Shirt

This brings me to my reasoning (and rant) as to why I feel baby-less females need a good slap of sense when they make comments such as “When I have a child they’re not going to wear stuff ‘like that’!” Believe me when I say, as a mother – when you see your child get excited over a shark on a shirt versus a classy polo shirt, then you will have your child wear “stuff like that”. Let a kid be a kid! And that includes dressing them like one.

Now – this doesn’t mean I am bashing mothers who do dress, or have kids who want to dress like a miniature adult because heck! You’re the reason the world gets to see pictures as cute as that. But from a realistic standpoint, most kids love wearing their favorite character, animal, and “stuff like that” on their shirt 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mommy Rant on “Fashionable Kids”

  1. Completely agreed!! When I was pregnant we bought my son so many cute outfits, many like the one you described. And at two years old now, those clothes hang in the closet and are rarely used. Most of his clothes are what I call “comfy clothes”, meaning they are soft and comfortable for him to run around and play in. And they are ok to stain lol! When he was smaller he stayed in onesies! They were soo easy and actually cute to me. I loved the Carters outfits with the onesie, comfy pants and jacket when it was cold. They were adorable and practical.

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