Glorified Cursive – Calligraphy

So, I have always loved calligraphy – but never felt there was a purpose or ‘reason’ to learn it.

But here I am, age 29 & realizing – who cares if it’s a pointless craft to learn – I love it!

So here I am – learning it. I started probably about a month ago – and I love it.

I consider it ‘glorified cursive’ right now, since I haven’t really learned the basics of it.

When I get the money, I plan to take either an online course, and a class that is offered locally.

It isn’t cheap, but I believe it will be beneficial. I hope to become pretty amazing at it.

How great is it – to just write! I love writing!


Dwight’s Quotes Portrait


B's Sanctuary

As I was checking my twitter timeline I came across this Genius Portrait of Dwight Schrute tweeted by none other than the man himself Rainn Wilson who plays the role of Dwight Schrute. It’s a portrait of the great Dwight Schrute made out of his famous quotes from The Office, such as “I am faster than 80% of snakes” etc.

It’s brilliant, Don’t you think so?

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Mommy Rant on “Fashionable Kids”

So, during my morning scroll through my Instagram feed I come across this super adorable picture of this toddler dressed too cute for words.

Fashion ChildAs you can see for yourself – this little girl is just the bees knees … and all the comments below the picture agree. A few of the comments even said stuff like “OMG! My future child [is going to dress like that]!” And that comment brought me back to a moment when I was in Target browsing the kids clothing. Two girls walked by and saw an adorable jacket for a child & made a comment just like that. Hearing that made me want to first off – laugh! And secondly, slap some sense into them! The girls spoke about how when they would have kids they would not dress them in shirts with characters and things of that nature on them … and here I am holding 2 or 3 shirts with exactly that!

Although, to not be so harsh on them, I will admit before I had my son I was dead set on dressing him in the cutest, most fashionable little outfits I could find. While I was pregnant with him, I purchased a few snazzy little Timberland outfit sets with jeans, long-sleeved shirt and a tiny vest to match! Yet, once my little piece of heaven was born – I was all for onesies! Even pants became a nuisance with all the diaper changes (& outfit changes!) you encounter with your little bundle of joy 😉 .

As he got older, and started to take a liking to things, such as characters (Dora) or dogs or airplanes, etc. Around the age of 3, my son became obsessed with fish, sharks; pretty much anything in the ocean. All he ever wanted to wear was one specific shirt: his shark shirt! Almost every morning he would tell me “I want to wear my shark shirt!” That was when I had to have him understand clothes get dirty and need to be washed. But my son would wear that shirt once a week.

Carter’s Orange Shark Shirt

This brings me to my reasoning (and rant) as to why I feel baby-less females need a good slap of sense when they make comments such as “When I have a child they’re not going to wear stuff ‘like that’!” Believe me when I say, as a mother – when you see your child get excited over a shark on a shirt versus a classy polo shirt, then you will have your child wear “stuff like that”. Let a kid be a kid! And that includes dressing them like one.

Now – this doesn’t mean I am bashing mothers who do dress, or have kids who want to dress like a miniature adult because heck! You’re the reason the world gets to see pictures as cute as that. But from a realistic standpoint, most kids love wearing their favorite character, animal, and “stuff like that” on their shirt 🙂


The Things That Are Out of My Control

Tomorrow is the big day: my closing day! And while I am more excited than I could express over this amazing accomplishment in my life – I realized, I am living my life backwards. While I understand there is not “order” or “correct way” to live your live – as a young child you have always heard the tune:

“Blanky-blank and Blah-blah sittin’ in a tree
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!!”

Yea … I definitely have accomplished things backwards. But what I have come to accept is the fact that I have achieved every goal in my life that I have wanted to achieve that I am in control of. I have a college degree, I have a full-time job, I have a child and now I own a home. The only thing missing is marriage, and that is the one thing I cannot achieve or accomplish on my own. All I can simply do is wait. And yes, I do say wait because hell – we haven’t even been together for a full 2 years! But, I know he’s the one – I know he’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I would love a ring right now! But, I have to remind myself that it will come … in due time, it will come 😉 Oh, and he’s assured me of that too!



Hanging in There with My Living Situation

As I sit here in my first floor, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment – forced to listen to my upstairs neighbor’s gospel music playing so loudly, that I can hear the words to her song – I think to myself about how HAPPY I am that I will not have to put up with this living situation much longer. Next Thursday, I will be CLOSING on my first home! And next Friday I will be moving out of this place!

And not to say this is a horrible place to stay, I actually planned to renew my lease (Management planned to up my renewal rate over $100!) But neighbors such as mine upstairs have proved to make it just that. Literally, from day 1, when I opened my apartment door to let the movers bring my stuff in – my upstairs neighbor had successfully FLOODED about 60% of my carpet from letting her washer overflow. (This happens again later down the line, too.) Needless to say, my first two weeks in my “new” apartment was spent with huge fans running non-stop to dry out my carpet, and my son was forced to sleep in my bed for the duration. His room and my living room were unusable. But I continued to stay here for two more years, ready to make it a 3rd year. Even the flooding of my apartment for a 3rd time from pipes bursting was not enough to force me to leave – the crazy increase in a renewal rate was. And boy am I glad they decided to be unfair, if it wasn’t for that move on their end – I would not be where I am now, which is at a two week countdown until I am in my new home.

“If my music ever gets too loud just let me know!” My upstairs neighbor told me that once – which I guess is a nice offer? But to offer this tells me you know you play your music ridiculously loud … thanks for the courtesy lady! She also has about 3 grandkids that come over every weekend that just run NON-STOP all over her apartment. It doesn’t seem to matter which room I move to – I can hear the little stinky feet stomping and running all over the place. Drives me crazy! It actually scares my son too because it ends up shaking some stuff down here. Man I hope she’s almost done getting ready for church and is about to leave … that music!

Anyway – even though it gets on my nerves, the closer I get to my departure date from here, the less disgruntle I get about her nonsense. I wish I was leaving this weekend, but two weeks! In two weeks I will be able to start waking up to a more pleasant surrounding. I cannot wait to live in MY home 🙂



I’m Homeless!

Just kidding, I’m not really homeless, but I am out of my own home right now … and I will have been out of it for a week tomorrow. At first it was kinda crappy – I am SO lucky my boyfriend’s parents always welcome Kaison & I. Kaison does a great job at making himself at home too! It’ll be an interesting change when it’s time to go back to our apartment, I know Kaison has enjoyed staying home from school with his Gigi since last Thursday! It is going to be a nightmare tomorrow because he has to go back. I do not look forward to waking him up, especially since #1) he will not be happy to go back & #2) I will have to wake him up a lot earlier!

Friday & Monday I left work at 7AM from my boyfriend’s parents’ & hit so much traffic! Needless to say, I hit the same horrific traffic on my way home from work both days too. After Monday’s traffic to and from work – I decided I am going to suck it up and leave an hour earlier so I can get off an hour earlier in hopes to miss traffic both ways! Which I did on the way TO work – actually got to work over 20 minutes earlier than I planned to be at work! I guess I will see if leaving at 4 is a good time to depart work & avoid traffic today too. Honestly, I have gone back and forth with considering a place in Fayette County, their school system is one of the best – and while the school system Kaison will be entering (given I stay in the area) is also pretty good – Fayette County’s is better. It’s a nice little city too – but not 100% sure just YET. I love the super closer commute I have now – but my area isn’t the idea setting for Kaison. I want to live in a more suburban area – which I do not think I’ll find in my area, unless I move further out … which turns inconvenient for my boyfriend.

Anyway – enough rambling! Back to work!